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Restore from emotionally-driven triggers, bad memories, and unrest in your spirit that block you from what God wants you to experience every day in Christ—unspeakable joy, being truly at peace, and prosperous in every area of your life, regardless of age.



Most people who suffer silently from the impact of betrayal and abuse don't recognize its lasting toxic effects

Did you know that overwhelming emotional pain, memories and triggers can cause a dampening effect on thoughtsperspective about lifethe physical body, and overall success?  Yes/no? The difference for some is that they dismiss it and move on, but it's still there, even well beyond the age 50.  Have you ever:  

  • Got stomach pains because of anxiety?
  • Held anger toward an abusive parent?
  • Hated a spouse for hurting you?
  • Wished you were born in a different family?
  • Felt ostracized by someone you love​?
  • ​Exhausted yourself seeking self-help tools?
  • Longed to be loved by your own parent(s)?
  • ​Felt ashamed because you were abused?
  • ​Been depressed not knowing what to do?

Yes: It Is Possible
To Fully Recover

It may not seem that way, but with Christ it is. The lasting effects of abuse are very common (even in elder adult years) whether experienced from a partner or family member. Unfortunately, more often than not, they can go undetected and unassociated, because they typically become the norm for many.

It Starts By
Taking Action


Living with pain isn't a normal part of the life God gave us in Christ.  Yet, some believe it is as a result of not knowing the Scriptures and how to conquer pain.  They believe the only way to cope with pain by managing it and so, for them, it becomes their "norm."

Contrary to this belief, the Bible teaches us that we are "more than conquers" in Christ and that "all things are possible with God."  So, the ability to put an end to the long-lasting, toxic effects of abuse and betrayal that impacts mental and physical health is possible.  I did it several years ago with the help of the Lord Jesus; you can too.

Did you know the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that: "4 in 10 women and 4 in 10 men have experienced at least one form of coercive control by an intimate partner in their lifetime?  So many are still suffering, even over the age 50.

It's time to claim your joy and power in Christ, but it starts by taking action.  The first step to change is acquiring a new perspective.  That's why Bare Journey is perfect for you; it'll help you do just that.

I teach strategies in the Word to unleash power that conquers effects of abuse

Enjoy Life Without The Stress

Discover how to conquer painful emotions and triggers and productive ways to de-stress and block.

Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships

Learn how to break free from unhealthy relationships and build ones of honor and respect.

Get the Rest Your Spirit Deserves

Master strategies for persevering challenges and keeping the calmness your spirit needs to thrive

Pursue Your God-Given Purpose  

Discover how to not to fall prey to pain, shame and self-doubt to be free inside to create your best life

everything you need to dig deep find healing AND RESTORE

Step-by-step instructions, actions plans, pre-recorded videos in each module, downloadable resources, quizzes, assignments and challenges.  Life-time or VIP private community membership.  Weekly group and private coaching calls, available.


e-Course Overview
What to expect on your journey; what's required of you and course curriculum review.

module one 

Foundation Principles
Learning fundamentals for overcoming and yielding to spiritual principles for success. 

module two 

Proactive Stakeholder
Discovering your true origin as a recreated being in Christ; your faith walk and kingdom civic duty.

module three 

Discerning Disception
Understanding types of deception; how to effectively handle it and walking in the power of veracity.

module four 

What Is True Love?
Rediscovering true love according to the Word, the power of it and walking in its power, not emotions.

module FIVE 

Principles of Forgiveness
Getting to know ramifications of unforgiveness and the requirement and power of forgiving.

module six 

Gatekeeper of the Heart
Understanding dominance, management, walking in righteousness and what's in plain view.

module seven 

Wisdom In Action
Learning the art of prudence and use of wise principles, and how to be anchored in love.

A safe place for healing, restoration and growth

Group & Private Coaching Calls

Group Coaching Calls — Get access to my weekly group coaching calls through the Plus Coaching Plan via Zoom where questions are answered directly, you'll be in an environment to help you stir your faith strong; be accountable; and able to share testimonies and stories.  You'll feel the comfort of a group setting right in the convenience of your own home.

Private Coaching Calls
— Register for my Plus Private Coaching Plan and get one-on-one access with me via Zoom to walk with you along your healing journey.  You'll have the support you need in a caring and private setting where you're able to share freely as you take the course, be encouraged, and inspired by the Word as you heal and restore.  It's a great accountable opportunity.  


My Your Instructor

Hello, my name is Apostle Maria Evans.  Welcome to Bare Journey, my private Christian e-course for anyone whose experienced the wounds of betrayal and emotional abuse, and ready to embark on a healing journey. 

Having experienced the horrid pains of emotional, verbal and (as a child) sexual abuse for nearly 30 years, I understand the negative impact it creates on one's perspective about self and life.  I also know what the challenges are like of carrying it secretly and the depression and frustration it causes.  In spite of it all, I was able to conquer the terrible effects it had created in me, several years ago, by building a relationship with the Lord Jesus and learning about overcoming and healing in the Word.  In the process, the Lord saved me from becoming a bitter, scorned and depressed woman who was once on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  

That's why I created Bare Journey as a way of appreciating the Lord for restoring me.  I want to educate others in a safe, comfortable, reliable place about how to shed the emotional residue of pain, uncertainties, confusion and self-doubt, so they can transform their lives like I did.

When you join, you'll be enlightened by eye-opening teachings, instructions, and strategies the Lord showed me that changed my life, so you to can experience unspeakable joy, rest in your spirit, and soundness of mind to reach your fullest potential, being prosperous (not only in some) but every area of your life, just the way God wants you to.    

What People are Saying

Bare Journey is just what it says...a journey. It's a journey to the soul that helps you bare your pain and emotional hurts for healing and restoration. This e-course, rooted in Biblical teachings, will both inspire and motivate you to be all God created you to be!

Bare Journey is great for anyone who needs to heal from forgiveness, deception and negative emotions. This e-course will take you through multiple steps. With its foundation rooted in Jesus Christ, you'll be able to shake feelings and problems that you would ordinarily find hard to do by yourself.

Bare Journey is a life-changing course that will help you see the truth and also know how to identify deception. It will help you learn to live free of hurt and pain that you never knew was hidden inside. Bare Journey is a journey into peace and freedom. I advise you to sign up and be free and forever at peace.

Bare Journey brings you the answers to many questions you have been asking.  Apostle Maria is anointed to walk through with you until you get to the point of total peace. Enroll and get your freedom from hidden pains.

What You're Getting

Information you need to arm yourself with clear-cut knowledge from the Word to break free from emotionally driven triggers and pain created by the experience of abuse and betrayal.

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Pay 2 installments  of $389.50 or one time

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Pay 3 installments  of $783

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Regular Price $4797

Pay 3 installments of  $1599


Be Free. Be Joyous.

Time waits for no one.  Imagine your days full of joy, working and enjoying life without worries about painful memories.

  • ​Experience: I've been where you are.  I know how to conquer emotions, how to endure challenges and how to the keep my spirit in a place of rest in God to live daily with unspeakable joy, as I fulfill my God-given purpose.
  • Impact: God is using me greatly to help people overcome emotional grief and find joy inside through Christ as they create their best life.   
  • Benefit: You can be free in Christ from secret pain and bask in His immense joy and laughter daily and smile because what you feel inside is real. 

Is Bare Journey
Right For You?

Are you tired of the emotional and physical effects the experience of abuse has on the mind and body?  Are you tired of feeling trapped in an endless cycle?   Are you tired of putting on a smile but not feeling it inside?  Are you tired of feeling emotionally drained?  Are you tired of the painful memories replays and not being able to get them out of your mind?  Are you tired of secretly carrying the load of pain

  If you said yes to any one of those questions, then Bare Journey is perfect for you.  Say goodbye to painful thoughts that weigh you down and effect your attitude and life.  Learn how to break down barriers holding you back from the freedom and rest your spirit needs to thrive, so you can rejoice in true joy, peace and overall success.  You're only one smile away.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are my results gauranteed?

Like anything in life, we get out of it what we put into it.  Your success is up to you.

 Can I share the information?

The insights and knowledge is definitely share-worthy.  However, its tailored for individuals who've experienced the wounds of betrayal and emotional abuse.  Certain things are only available for those registered.  For the best possible outcome, a person should register on their own.

 Can Bare Journey take away someone's pain?

No, however the Word of which Bare Journey's modules are built upon can.  The Bible teaches us that the Word is "inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right."  The Bible also tells us God has given us all we need to live a godly life in reverence.  So, it's up to us to live it.  That means we've got to use our faith, trust and obey God to achieve the life He gave us in Christ.

 What makes Bare Journey different?

The foundation upon which each module was designed is based on the Word, not Apostle Maria's opinions.  We are what our source is.  Meaning, whatever we define as our source for growth, guidance, and instruction shapes our perspective, which in turn can impact how we think and act.  This means the source we rely on must not only have the ability to birth life in us, but power to sustain us and help us grow.  No one or anything can do that but God who created man and this world.  The reason why Bare Journey is different from other self-help courses and books is because the Word in it brings light which has power to produce effective change in the heart of a believer, if allowed.

Apostle Maria Evans and her associate agents are not licensed physicians or psychologists. The information provided through the programs offered this on site are for educational purposes only.

We make every effort to accurately represent our services and/or products based on the Word, because we believe the Word of God works for everyone who uses it. We believe healing from emotional trauma is possible, while not guaranteed, because it requires the work of an individual to make it happen. The primary purpose of our program is to assist those with spiritual growth on their healing journey.

Bare Journey is a private Christian e-course owned and operated by Passion for Purpose, LLC. Bare Journey is not a part of or associated with, in any way, Instagram, Facebook, LLC, Threads, TikTok or Twitter or any other social media platform nor is it endorsed either.

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