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Healing from emotional abuse and betrayal is a process and very much doable with the right knowledge and support.  When you join my community, you'll learn how to break free from pain people carry secretly, bad memories and emotional triggers that pop up, causing stress, disappointmentsfrustrations and even anger (to say the least).

All you have to do is come in with an open heart, relax, be willing to learn and commit to being a part of our community.  You won't be disappointed.  

Get the daily inspiration, information, and nurturing your spirit needs to get to the next level, so you can achieve and enjoy overall success, not partial.

After a while you won't be just smiling, because you have to; you'll be smiling because you mean it.  Your life of joy and peace awaits you.

I'm Apostle Maria Evans

Having experienced the horrid pains of emotional, verbal and (as a child) sexual abuse for nearly 30 years, I understand the negative impact it creates on one's perspective about self and life. I also know what the challenges are like of carrying it secretly and the depression and frustration it causes. In spite of it all, I was able to conquer the terrible effects it had created in me, several years ago, by building a relationship with the Lord Jesus and learning about overcoming and healing in the Word. In the process, the Lord saved me from becoming a bitter, scorned and depressed woman who was once on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That's why I created the Bare Journey Inner Circle.  I want to appreciate the Lord for what He's done for me by helping others who are or went through what I did.  So, I created a safe, loving, comfortable, reliable community for people to learn how to shed the emotional residue of pain, uncertainties, confusion and self-doubt to transform their lives like I did.

When you join, your spirit will be liberated.  You'll be enlightened with eye-opening teachings, instructions, and strategies the Lord showed me, so you too can get to the place of having rest in your spirit always, no matter what comes up.  If you commit yourself, you'll be able to reach your fullest potential and be prosperous in all areas of your life (not only in some), just the way God wants
you to.


Be Free

Time waits for no one. Imagine your days full of joy, working and enjoying life without worries about painful memories.

  • ​Experience: I've been where you are, several years ago. Thank God, I learned how to conquer painful emotions thru the Word, how to endure challenges and how to the keep my spirit in a place of rest in God, so I can live daily in unspeakable joy, while I fulfill my God-given purpose.
  • ImpactGod is using me greatly to help people learn how to overcome emotional grief and find joy through Christ to create their best life.
  • Benefit: You can be free in Christ from secret pain and bask in His immense joy and laughter daily and smile because what you feel inside is real.

Here's What
You'll Get:

Vital information you need to build your faith strong and arm yourself with clear-cut knowledge from the Word to break the cycle of emotionally-driven triggers and pain created in you from the emotional abuse and betrayal.  You'll get:

  • Access to my private Inner Circle
  • Daily inspiration to encourage you
  • ​Access to my weekly Zoom calls
  • Devotional emails
  • ​Weekly check-ins
  • ​Periodic live workshops
  • ​Exclusive content only for this community
  • ​Access to my free class in community
  • ​Exclusive member discounts on my products
  • ​And, much more...

Total value: $49 per month

Today, Free!

Apostle Maria Evans and her associate agents are not licensed physicians or psychologists. The information provided through the programs offered this on site are for educational purposes only.

We make every effort to accurately represent our services and/or products based on the Word, because we believe the Word of God works for everyone who uses it. We believe healing from emotional trauma is possible, while not guaranteed, because it requires the work of an individual to make it happen. The primary purpose of our program is to assist those with spiritual growth on their healing journey.

Bare Journey is a private Christian e-course owned and operated by Passion for Purpose, LLC. Bare Journey is not a part of or associated with, in any way, Instagram, Facebook, LLC, Threads, TikTok or Twitter or any other social media platform nor is it endorsed either.

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